Underground Factory

In-game description Edit

There is a factory below a perishing village. No one is there.

Underground factory map

I think I'm missing chest spots. There is a chest in the corner of the last room (the very big one) containing yellow dye recipe

Underground factory map(party dungeon)

Party Dungeon Map

Floor 2Edit

  • In wandering inside dungeons, look at the top right and you can see the "Start..End" with percentage. When you entered a room and the percentage went up, meaning you are going further inside.
  • There times that you see multiple paths. If you want to go near the end. just look for the Blue Lizard (except party dungeons).
  • Exiting the dungeon. You can use Ariadne Doll for fast travel to the entrance. You can also suicide. If you want to walk back, check on the arrow on the doors/path if it's color yellow then it's the path to exit.

Monsters Edit

  • Mimimick (it can spawn here without killing a monster 1st)
  • Gomami
  • Zorumi
  • Ogre
  • Ogre (big one) (name and their looks are the same, one of the rare monsters)
  • Toppo (Final boss for party dungeon) gives 50 exp and another 20,000 exp for completion of dungeon once a day.

Harvestable Materials Edit

Surrounding AreasEdit