Note: Still need actual footage of the cutscene

Chapter 1 - A familiar village Edit

The village you are in has a nostalgic air.

A legendary swordEdit

  • You are going to have a fight with a monsters before heading to adventure.

Challenge to the village chiefEdit

  • You have a fight with the village chief.

The beginning of adventureEdit

  • You won the chief.

Chapter 2 - The start of the beginning Edit

You wake up. There is a girl with cat ears next you.


  • You seem to have lost consciousness.

Your future partner is closed to youEdit

  • The girl helped you and told your partner is having a fight closed from near.

Chapter 3 - Battle to the Death Edit

Now take your sword, and with your partner challenge the approaching enemy.

The Battle is about to startEdit

  • You see your partner about to attack monsters.

Battle with combination skillsEdit

  • Your partner teaches you how to battle with combination skills.

Battle with combination skillsEdit

Chapter 8 - A pretty girl needs food! Edit

Chapter 9 - Let's play the Lotto! Edit

Chapter 11 - The ghost in the underground cave Edit

Chapter 52 - A girl who came from the south of the country Edit

Chapter 53 - Events at the border Edit

Chapter 54 - Sacrifice of Satan Edit

Chapter 64 - Fake George

Chapter 65 - How to Revive